Technical Data

The Time Rider has 8 Simulators which offer room for 20 passengers per vehicle resulting in a theoretical capacity of about 970 pph.

One cycle of the Time Riders (Pre-Shows + Ride) takes about 10-15 Minutes and offers an all around experience!

Back in 1996 the attraction was opened as Batman Adventure and rethemed in 2005 to Time Riders.

The simulators were manufactured by Attraction Media & Entertaintment Inc.

You have to be at least 4 years old and 110cm tall to ride the Time Rider.

You should be free from heart-, neck- and backinjuries.

You may not ride when being pregnant.

Fun Facts

All simulators start simultaneously.

A majority of the books in the library are real!

If you need something to read don't mind asking the professor!

Flight simulators like the Time Rider are also commonly used in pilot training sessions.

The basic idea behind the time riders is a physical modell called hexapod. 

Animation of a hexapod