Technical Data

The Time Rider has 8 Simularors, which offer room for 20 passengers. That results in a theoretical capacity of about 970 pph.

One cycle of the Time Riders (Pre-Shows + Ride) takes about 10-15 Minutes and offers an all around experience!

The Time Rider was openend in 1996 as Batman Adventure and rethemed in 2005.

The simulators were manufactured by Attraction Media & Entertaintment Inc.

You have to be at least 4 years old an 110cm tall to ride the Time Rider.

You should be free from heart-, neck- and backinjuries.

You may not ride when being pregnant.

Fun Facts

The cast member, who guides you through the Pre-Show starts it manually. (Library)

The Tour Guide needs good timing to work with the lights and sounds in the pre-show.

All simulators start simultaneously.

A majority of the books in the library are real!

If you need something to read don't mind asking the professor!