The Time Rider is a by Professor H.G. Wells developed time machine, that can go forwards and backwards in time!

Every Time Rider offers space for 20 passengers that are min. 4 years old and 110cm tall.

The ride with the Time Rider can get very bumpy, so if you suffer under Heart/Back or Neckconditions (or are pregnant) you may not ride .

But no worries, if you want to leave the attraction at anytime during the tour just tell a cast member or Tour Guide They will carry you out of the attraction.

Please mind, that, Smartphones, Cameras, Selfiesticks, Actions Cams and other loose articles are forbidden because the will get attracted by the wormholes.
So, if you dont want to search your stuff in the dinosaur age, you should better store it in your backpack!

And now: enjoy the flight!