Horace Garrison Wells

Horace Garrison Wells (short: H.G. Wells) is the landlord of the property and at the same time our professor.

H.G. Wells (middle) as a drawing on an advertisement.

His inventions are for example:

  • The Two-Way-Videohand (a Camera, which allows two-way communication)
  • The Time Rider (a time mashine)

Age (estimated) : 60 - 65 years

characteristics: unerringly, omniscient


Morelli is the nephew of H.G. Wells and also his assistant.

Look: There are no information about how Morelli looks like.

Age (estimated): 20-30 years

characteristics: unconcentrated, jittery

Tour Guide

The Tour Guide is the person, who guides you through the property of H.G. Wells Cave.

He is part of the operational procedure, as well as moderating the pre-show in the library, pre-cave, cave.

The Tour Guide is played by someone different every day, so there can't be anything about age, characteristics or looks.

Every Tour Guide makes his moderation a little bit different, that is one reason why you should visit the Time Rider a second or third time!